7 Signs That Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is A Fake

1. Your Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Is Very Bright

The color of Himalayan salt crystals ranges from medium pink to dark orange. The light radiated from the lamp will be uneven due to the different minerals found in the salt itself and this is why the average salt lamp emits soft warm glow. If your lamp is small but it still illuminates the entire room, the chances are you`ve bought a fake one.

2. Your Lamp Has A White Crystal, But It Wasn’t Too Expensive
As mentioned above, the color of the Himalayan salt crystals is usually pink or orange. White salt does exist but it`s quite rare and typically much more expensive than the common colored alternatives. So, if your lamp is white in color but its price is the same as the common colored varieties, this is a sign that the product isn’t Himalayan pink salt.

3. It Handles Moisture Exceptionally Well
Genuine Himalayan pink salt lamps purify the air by absorbing moisture and airborne particulate and thus evaporate pure water pack into the room. This leads to sweating, which is one of the most common problems with Himalayan pink salt lamps, and is known as hygroscopy. Therefore, if your lamp has never done this, it is a sure sign that you`ve got a fake one.

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4. Your Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Is Extremely Durable
Genuine Himalayan pink salt lamps are quite fragile and they often get damaged during shipping. As little as bumping it into another object is enough to chip away pieces of the crystal. If you`ve ever done something that would damage the salt and it still remained intact, it is a good sign that it is not a genuine Himalayan pink salt.

5. The Manufacturer or Supplier Has a Poor Return Policy
Since Himalayan pink salt is a fragile material, suppliers of these products typically offer convenient and fair return policies. So, if you are about to buy a new lamp and the supplier offers a poor return policy, beware! As mentioned above, real Himalayan pink salt lamps often don’t survive the shipping process, so even if the supplier sells real lamps, you should consult them about the refunds and exchanges.

6. You Don’t Experience Any Of The Health Benefit
The benefits of having a Himalayan pink salt lamp are already well-known, although there are still many skeptics out there. However, it has been scientifically confirmed that these lamps ease asthma and allergy symptoms, boost energy, fight off Seasonal Affective Disorder, and many more. Therefore, if your lamp is not providing any of these benefits, it is very likely that it is a fake one.

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7. The Salt Crystal’s Country of Origin Isn’t Pakistan
Real Himalayan pink salt comes from the mines of Khewra, Pakistan, located on the western edge of the Himalayan Mountains. If you are not sure about the genuineness of your lamp, ask about the country of origin to determine whether it is fake or real.

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