Can The Shape Of Your Face Reveal Your Personality?

The shape of your face along with all of his parts can tell a lot about your emotions, intellect, sociability, career and psychological characteristics.

Hair reflects a person’s physical flexibility.
• Soft, silky hair: Emotionally sensitive, physically delicate.
• Coarse hair: Person with strong physical drive and recuperative powers.

Old Chinese wisdom says that the better the shape of your forehead is, the more sophisticated your intellectual capacity is.
• Shallow: Shows difficulties in career.
• Pointed: An intellectual person.
• Narrow: Points to pressure in life.
• Flat: A forward-thinking individual.
• High and rounded: someone that is brimming with ideas.
• Indented: Impulsive, quick-tempered and ambitious.
• Wide: Practical and clever.

Eyebrows reveal us about your place in the society and how you will succeed in the world. They also tell a lot about your temperament.
• Close-set: Spontaneous Quick style of expression.
• Low-set: A person with periods of self-doubt.
• Wide-set: Reticent character.

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Face shape
The shape of your face can reveal your overall character.
• Oblong: Practical, deliberate and methodical but may tend to overwork.
• Circular: Predominantly emotional, caring and sensitive.
• Square: Aggressive, dominating and ambitious. Irritable and angry, but also suddenly cools off.
• Triangular: Energetic and active individual but with lack of stamina.

The size of the eyes reveals your true nature.
• Large: Creative, emotional, an extrovert.
• Small: Introverted.
• Medium: A stabilized intelligence.

The shape of your nose tells about your character and your grasp on money.
• Well-shaped, nicely sized: Indicates that money is not going to be a stranger to you.
• Long: Reflects your reasonable and traditional mind.
• Straight: You have a great chance to be successful.
• Well-formed Roman: Shows fearless person; a straight shooter.

The lips represent our personality and tell about our sexual nature.
• Pink, rosy: Warm personality.
• Dry and pale: Poor emotional energy.
• Small: Self-absorbed individual.
• Curving down: Demanding, discontented.
• Large: A controlling individual.
• Narrow: Unemotional.
• Straight: Self-controlled.
• Upward curving: Lucky and optimistic.

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Small, large, set back, protruding, low-set, high-set… each shape carries its own meaning.
• Long: Strong moral sense, keen intellect.
• Large: Dominant personality.
• Rounded shape: Tells about a developed taste in arts and music; you’re considered friendly, trustworthy and a social star.
• Large lobe ears: Reflects an independent and strong-minded person.

The cheeks tell us and others how we achieve our goals.
• Well-sized, fleshy cheeks: A sociable, warm-hearted character.
• High cheekbones: A person that is hungry for power.
• Pronounced cheeks: An individual frugal in nature.

The chin reflects determination and stamina.
• Protruding chin: Strong, independent, determined individual.
• Receding or weak chin: Weaker-willed character.

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