Carrot Lemonade For Detoxification And Weight Loss

This carrot lemonade is delectable and gorgeous, enjoyable way to get some more nutrition! Kids will LOVE this recipe and it’s wonderful color makes it ideal for parties too.

Ingredients that you’ll need:
• 1 liter freshly juiced carrots
• 6 medium lemons, freshly juiced
• 2-3 cups of water
• 1 inch ginger root, juiced
• stevia to taste

Simply juice the lemons, carrots, and ginger. Add stevia and water.

If you have any doubts yet for preparing this healthy beverage just look at this list of health benefits:
 • 240 ml of carrot juice contain 800% of your daily recommendation of vitamin A. This vitamin is essential and needed for tissue growth. It is also crucial in maintaining good vision. Vitamin A is very important for expectant mothers as well as for the unborn baby.
 • Carrot juice is an exquisite source of vitamin C. 240 ml of carrot juice can give your body 35% of your daily needed dosage of vitamin C. This crucial vitamin, has a wide range of functions in the entire body, like collagen production of the skin, teeth and bones. It is also a fundamental antioxidant.
 • Another important nutrient that carrot juice contains is potassium. This mineral helps maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance in our body cells. It’s also required for muscle as well as neurotransmission. Deficiencies of potassium are very bad for us with the effects as hypokalemia, muscle spasms, acne, dry skin, and increased cholesterol levels. Combination of carrot juice with turnips or celery can bring your body a large level of potassium.
 • Carrot juice by itself is very low in calories. Therefore, carrot juice is a perfect nutritional supplement for those trying to lose weight, because it provides you with many essential minerals and vitamins, without bringing you lots of calories that a healthy smoothie might give you.
 • Carrot juice also provides up to 6% percent of the daily recommended dosage of calcium. We know how important is to receive a proper level of calcium daily. Teeth and bones need calcium for formation and growth, especially the development of children and skeletal structure.

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