The Most Effective Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

1. Indian Gooseberry (Amla) This berry strengthens the hair follicles, prevents hair splitting and helps in hair growth. Beside this, it improves hair color and texture. Indian gooseberry remedy for hair growth: mix 2 teaspoon of lime juice with 2 teaspoon of amla juice. Apply the mixture on the scalp and leave it that way […]

Old Proven Hair Loss Treatment With Castor Oil

Average hair loss is 100 strands a day. The absence of hair is called alopecia, also known as baldness. The normal period of hair growth is for 2 to 3 years. And it grows per 1 centimeter per month. About 90 % of the head hair is growing only one time. And the rest 10 […]

Your Eyebrows Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Below you can find your eyebrow shape and what it says about you: Curved Eyebrows People that have curved eyebrows are perfectionists. They have a strong visual perception and very quickly notice physical details. Eyebrows that Curve, You Have a Creative Side Those people that have angled eyebrows are very talented and very crafty. They […]

Effective Face Mask To Lighten Your Skin

There are many factors that are causing changes to the skin in the form of dark spots. These can include: hormonal changes, sun exposure, environmental factors and an unhealthy lifestyle. Here we are offering a recipe for an amazing face mask that will serve to lighten your skin and it is very effective that you […]

Question You’ve Ever Had About Your Breasts

  Are Bumps and Lumps Always a Sign of Cancer? Lumps that remain can be a serious symptom of concern. But, usually lumps and bumps are nothing to be concerned with. In reality, fibrocystic breast changes affect more than 50% of women at some point in their life, and these are usually fluid-filled cysts that […]

Here Is Why You Should Put Bentonite Clay On Your Face

People today use clay for multi-purposes such as pottery making, construction products, and in cosmetics. However, we should definitely not overlook the therapeutic value of this elemental substance. Clay works both topically and internally to help detox and purify. If you desire fresh, clear and vital skin, here are some reasons why bentonite clay face […]

Your Lips Can Tell A Lot About Your Personality

Lips can be categorized into some types based on their width, fullness, and overall shape. Full Lips Full lips are usually seen as an attractive attribute. Though those that have full lips may be emotionally immature, their high self-confidence often helps them to get what they want. Small Mouth People with small mouth are typically […]

Amazing Drink – Say Goodbye to Belly Fat

The drink we are about to present here reduces stomach fat naturally and without any physical effort. Also it strengthens the abdominal muscles, sculpts the body, promotes immunity, detoxifies the body and flushes toxins from the liver. This amazing drink is created of natural ingredients with strong slimming properties, and it will only take a […]