Home Remedy For Treating Thyroid Gland Disorder Due To Iodine Deficiency

The thyroid hormones affect almost every living cell in our body, and help control our body’s functions. The beverage we are about to present here successfully treats thyroid gland disorders caused by iodine deficiency. In case you don’t know, iodine is an element we all need for the production of thyroid hormone. Our body doesn’t […]

Ginger Pear Drink – Quickest Way to Flush Your Body Clean of Toxins

  This article is about ginger and pear as combination and their benefits to our health. Ginger-pear drink is great for strengthening the immune system and it will clean your whole organism of toxins. Even medical research has confirmed these benefits. Pears are rich in water-soluble fiber, which positively affect the digestive system and the cardiovascular […]

What Is Worse, Sugar Or Salt?

For a long time salt is considered as the biggest evil for people’s health, guilty for high blood pressure and unhealthy heart. But, the question is, which is the most harmful between salt and sugar. Honestly, both are bad for our health. Lately, science disapproves that salt is worse. The scientists claim that sugar is […]

The Most Effective Remedies To Remove Keloids

Keloids are benign growths, and they are usually a cosmetic distress than a medical one. Surgically removing might be a tricky, because the body forms keloids in an attempt to heal itself. Removing the scar tissue doesn’t mean that it won’t grow back again. As an alternative, we have a natural solution without the possibility […]

Top 3 Unhealthy Eating Habits Hou Should Avoid:

1.Eating protein and starch together Burger and fries. Steak and mashed potato. Eggs Benedict. After all these meals, all we want is to pass out on the sofa. Eating large amounts of proteins (chicken, fish, eggs, and beef) and starch (bread, potatoes, pasta, rice) can cause acid reflux and indigestion. The proteins have a slower […]

One Single Ingredient FOR Remove Fibroma Or Skin Warts

Skin warts are benign tumor growth of the skin. They are soft nodules which size is between few millimeters to an inch. The color is the same as the skin, in some cases maybe lightly pigmented. Warts aren’t dangerous for the health, except they can be an aesthetic issue if they appear on the visible […]

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Start Eating Ginger Every Day

  Cancer fighter According to the doctors from the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Michigan, ginger can cure ovarian cancer. The speed of destroying these cancer cells is much higher and safer than any chemotherapy drugs. Also, consummation of ginger lowers the colon and intestine inflammation and levels, which can lessen the risk […]