This Is How Headaches Reveal What Is Wrong With Your Health

Usually headaches are caused by dehydration or fatigue, but sometimes they may indicate some serious health issues. Dr. Sakib Qureshi MD, a famous neurologist, says that headaches often may be manifested by “warning signals” so that’s why we should learn to separate common headache and those that may be dangerous. Instead of taking a pill, […]

Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer?

The Cancer Causes and Control journal published a study where it was revealed that Amish people are considered as the healthiest people in America because they virtually don’t have cancer within their population. Originally, a study for Amish people was launched by researchers from Ohio State University, in order to see if their rates of […]

The Blood Type Diet Chart!!!

In this article we will present you food groups that are separated into 3 different categories: 1. Highly beneficial foods – these foods act like Medicine 2. Foods that are allowed – these foods are no harm to any blood type 3. Foods that are not allowed – these foods act like a Poison Coconut […]

Why Egyptians Called Aloe Vera The Plant Of Immortality

Aloe Vera has been used for centuriesthroughout the world due to its healing properties. It was a respected plant in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Also, it is known that this plant has been used in South Africa, Caribbean and Latin America. According to a group of experts, from the University of Maryland Medical Center, […]

How To Make Ginger Plasters For Various Pains and Rheumatic Problems

  Ginger is an amazing root with proven anti-inflammatory properties. Chinese people have been using it for thousands of years to relieve pain. Ginger is very beneficial to relieve muscle soreness, arthritis, headaches and to boost blood flow. There are a lot of different ways to use ginger, such as including it into your meals or […]

Effective Natural Way Of Destroying 1,000 Gallstones In 24 Hours

Gallstones are firm particles, which develop in the gallbladder. The gallbladder is pear-shaped organ, small and located between the hips and the chest, below the liver. Gallstone size can go from a sand grain to a golf ball. There can be a single gallstone- large, many small stones or both, large and small. When gallstones […]