If You Want To Grow Your Own Avocado Tree In Small Garden Pot

  In order to plant and grow your own avocado tree next time don’t throw away the seed. First, you need to remove the seed gently. Wash it, or just soak it in the water for a few minutes, then scrub it well. Important note: keep the seed cover, the brown skin. Then, pierce it. […]

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?

Scientists from Orebro University in Sweden analyzed 428 subjects to see if the individualities are related to the irises in the eye. They find out that the eye color is modified by the same genes that actually form the frontal lobes. These results show a connection between the behaviors of people with similar irises. Black […]

Amazing Smoothies To Jump Start Your Day

  When Monday rolls around, many of us will probably run to the nearest coffee with the reason to make the start of the working week easier. But, have you ever considered starting your week a little bit different? Mango, Goji Berry Smoothie You’ll need: • 1 frozen or fresh mango, peeled and roughly chopped […]

What Your Birth Number Says About Your Personality

If you do this simple test you can find out which of the 9 personality types you are. All you have to do is convert your birthday into numbers. For example, if you were born March 20, 1950, then that converts to 3 – 20 – 1950. Add those single digit numbers afterward, so it […]

Can The Shape Of Your Face Reveal Your Personality?

The shape of your face along with all of his parts can tell a lot about your emotions, intellect, sociability, career and psychological characteristics. Hair Hair reflects a person’s physical flexibility. • Soft, silky hair: Emotionally sensitive, physically delicate. • Coarse hair: Person with strong physical drive and recuperative powers. Forehead Old Chinese wisdom says […]

Spreading Salt Around Your House !!! It Is So Incredible!

For centuries, salt is used for cleaning. It is ideal for home cleaning because it is cheap and it is not toxic. In this article we will show you how useful salt is. Keeps Ants Away If you have a problem with ants or just want to prevent them from entering your home, spread some […]

How To Lighten Facial Hair Naturally – 5 Simple Ways

1. Honey And Lemon: Honey is a popular natural hair lightening ingredient. It bleaches your facial hair very gently. It also hydrates your skin. Honey is ideal for all skin types since it contains natural pH balancing properties. Required Products: • 2 tablespoons of organic honey • 1 teaspoon of lemon How To Prepare: 1. […]

Laziness is a sign of intelligence: Researchers say people who spend more time thinking are less physically active

  You may now have another excuse to binge watch television shows and take naps during the day. A new study reveals that intelligent people live a more sedentary lifestyle, as they rarely become bored and spend more time lost in their own thoughts. Researchers found that those who fill their day with physical activity […]