Do You Snore? What Can You Do About It

There are many causes of snoring like your health, your sleeping position and the bed mattress on which you sleep on. Sometimes snore is not so noticeable, but in some cases is almost unbearable. So you have only two ways to go from this situation: either you go to sleep elsewhere or you prevent your partner from snoring.

Below is the list of the various factors that contribute to snoring:
• Aging: With aging our throat muscles come to be increasingly relaxed.
• Throat and Nose abnormalities: If you have nose inflammations or enlarged tonsils, the air passage in your throat can be also affected.
• Obesity: The fatty tissue over the neck also reduces the passageway of the air.
• Smoking: The smoke can block the nasal passages. Affecting your lungs, it definitely affects your breathing.
• Alcoholic consumption: Alcohol can relax the muscles very effectively, and therefore contribute to snoring.
Sleep apnea is an irregularity when you are not capable to breathe freely, hence develops that snoring sound.


Do we have to be worried about snoring?
Of course we do. Firstly, you will not let your partner sleep well. You are also exposed at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, memory problems, depression, accelerated aging, weight gain and many more.

What can we do to resolve this problem?
Surgeries and taking antidepressant are included as a solution of this problem. But, of course it is always better to solve it naturally if possible. These are some things to consider:
• Raise bed’s head: You know that when you have colds your breathing is difficult. Therefore, you are putting more pillows under your head to pose your head higher than your body is in order to breathe easily. The same goes for snoring. If you raise your head about 4 inches it will do miracles.
• Sleep on the side: This is probably the one thing that you have heard it before and it is an easy and most of the times successful solution for your snoring problems.
• Exercise and losing weight: Fatness is one of the people’s great enemies. It’s not only because you don’t look good, but it may cause a lot of health problems. So, do something good for your health, go exercise and lose those excess pounds.
• Get a cozy bed mattress: If your mattress is thin and not comfortable, then your sleep will not be pleasant. Good mattresses are those that support your back creating a wider air passage.
• Reduce, or even better eliminate, drinking and smoking: This is sometimes very hard to do, but think about all the health benefits that will come with this decision.
• Proper room ventilation: A bedroom that is well ventilated will keep you comfortable and cool at night providing you a good sleep at night.
Sleeping is probably the most important in solving your problem with snoring. Make sure you get around 7-8 hours of sleep per day. And remember that when it comes to snoring there are two categories: external, connected with the bed mattress that you use and an internal connected with your health. Each of these factors is controlled by you. Keep that in mind next time you go to sleep.

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