Goodbye Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Lipids And Triglycerides


A few months ago, a medical student was taken aback when his professor showed him the results from a blood test of a patient. Namely, the levels of cholesterol, glucose, lipids, and triglycerides were extremely high. Not only were they beyond the limit, but they were of enormous extent too. The student found it difficult to believe that a person with such blood parameters can actually be still alive!

The more shocking thing regarding this story is the fact that when the professor handed the results, it turned out that he was the patient himself!
Then, the professor handed him another sheet. “Just take a look at this and compare the numbers of the parameters and check the dates on both sheets” – he told the student.
The second sheet showed much different results and the blood was in a perfect condition! The professor seemed healthy as all parameters were within the healthy range.

When the student compared the dates on both sheets, it turned out that the difference was only a month`s time!
Needless to say, the student was unable to understand what was going on there and he was completely confused. Then, the professor explained that the secret lies in a treatment he was recommended to try out by his doctor. He repeated the treatment a few times and eventually managed to improve his blood parameters.
He also said that this treatment should be done once a year so that it keeps the condition in check. In case a person spots any breakdown, they should repeat the whole procedure.

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The Secret Recipe
This miraculous recipe calls for simple ingredients like raw pumpkin and water. All you have to do is to blend about 100 grams of raw pumpkin and some water to create a homogeneous, smoothie-like mixture.
Drink this smoothie on an empty stomach, before drinking or eating anything else. Repeat the procedure for a month. Make sure you measure your blood and cholesterol prior to trying this treatment and after it is done. Given the fact that this recipe is made of natural vegetable and water, it doesn’t provide any adverse side-effects and it is completely safe to use for anyone.
As explained by the doctor who is an eminent chemical engineer, pumpkin and its compounds have the ability to flush out LDL cholesterol from the arteries through the urine. Moreover, it is capable of cleansing the arteries and boosting energy levels! Apart from using this smoothie, you can also boost your pumpkin intake by eating it baked, steamed, or made into a delicious soup.

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