Home Remedies For Premenstrual Syndrome

1. Eat Healthy
Consume lots of vegetables and fruits, fishes, poultry, whole grains, starches, nuts and raw seeds. These provide the body with all the nutrients that are essential to carry out the various metabolic processes of the body effectively. Avoid oily food like pakoras, chips and pooris. These will irritate your system further and will make you feel lethargic. Eating healthy will provide relief from the symptoms of PMS.

2. Have Frequent Yet Small Meals
A big gap between two meals can lead to a drop in the blood sugar level in the body. This leads to reactive hypoglycemia, which can lead to the symptoms of PMS.

3. Avoid Consumption Of Alcohol
People may feel that alcohol helps to get rid of PMS blues. But actually, alcohol is a depressant. It makes an individual feel more fatigued, tired and depressed. It depletes the Vitamin B and minerals from the body of individuals. It also causes disruption in the metabolism of carbohydrate. The body’s ability to work on the hormones gets affected, which leads to higher levels of estrogen in the body. So, it is important to avoid the consumption of alcohol to avoid PMS.

4. Avoid Stress
The symptoms of PMS get worsened when the frustration of daily life goes out of control.Stress management is really important to keep PMS symptoms under control. Stress is also the major cause of acne, so you need to take extra care to keep stress at bay during PMS. Listening to music, taking a walk, joining stress management programs or meditation are a few ways to do so.Take time to unwind and pamper yourself.Indulge in spa treatments or even gossip session. Opt to hit the gym with your buddy.

5. Avoid Harsh Acne Products
Acne flare-ups are temporary, so don’t indulge in harsh chemicals to get rid of them. Since your skin is already sensitive, soothe it with mild and gentle products.

6. Clay Mask
Clay masks are your best bet to absorb the extra oil secreted by the skin during this time. Apply it once a day for 20 minutes or on the affected areas only and leave overnight. This also helps to dry out acne.

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7. Carry Out Aerobic Exercises
Aerobic exercises and physical activities ease the level of stress and release endorphins, the feel-good hormones in the body. Additionally, this leads to increase in blood circulation. This helps in flushing out toxic materials from the body. Jogging, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, bicycling, etc. are some of the wonderful aerobic exercises that can elevate your mood and help to get rid of the tiredness and fatigue that comes with PMS. Exercise regularly for 20 to 30 minutes. Increase the duration gradually one week prior to your period. This will provide relief from the symptoms of PMS. It is however recommended not to carry out physical exercises during your period.

8. Reduce Fat Intake
Consuming excessive amounts of dietary fat may lead to the malfunctioning of the liver. So, it is recommended to go for some smaller quantities of fish, seafood, lean meat, nuts, and seeds. Also, consume rice, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to complete your meal.

9. Reduce Intake Of High Sodium Food Items
Here comes the most effective premenstrual bloating remedies. Hot dogs, catsup, salad dressings, and bouillon are the food items that contain a large quantity of high sodium and table salt. These lead to bloating, breast tenderness, retention of body fluid and other symptoms of PMS. So stay off them for your own good.

10. Crunch On Carbs
Carbohydrates work wonderfully to treat PMS. Fresh fruits, whole grain cereals, vegetables, bread, etc. aid in reducing food cravings, which is a major symptom of PMS. These help to elevate mood and prevent anxiety, stress, tension, and depression.

11. Drink Herbal Tea
Consuming some herbal tea works wonderfully in treating symptoms of PMS. Have some chamomile tea or cinnamon tea just before going to bed. Sweeten the tea with some honey. This will help you to relax completely and have a peaceful night’s sleep. This, in turn, will provide relief from all the disturbing PMS signs and symptoms effectively.

12. Omega-3 Foods
Include foods rich in omega-3 in your diet. These include fish, olive oil, and spinach.

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13. Opt For Supplements
Post discussions with your doctors you can use supplements for
• All-inone Multivitamins
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin B6
• Calcium
Take care not to mix and match as an overdose of vitamins is also not recommended. You should opt for a one a day vitamin mix.

14. Include Oatmeal In Your Diet
Oatmeal helps in the metabolism of sugar at a slow and gradual pace. This process combats the craving for sugar that occurs during PMS. Some other food products that work the same way are basmati rice, rye bread, and some fruits. These play a huge role alleviating premenstrual syndrome.

15. Consume Foods Rich In Serotonin
Avocados have natural serotonin. This is a wonderful supplement to enhance the mood and get rid of depression, anxiety, sadness. Besides avocados, date palms, papayas, eggplants, pineapples, and plantains form the essential sources of serotonin in the body. Consume them and prevent PMS.

16. Bananas
Bananas are highly rich sources of potassium. They provide tremendous relief from inflammation, bloating, retention of water and other symptoms of PMS. Some other foods that are rich in potassium are black currants, figs, potatoes, onions, broccoli, tomatoes and several others.

17. Black Pepper
Add a pinch of black pepper to 1 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel. Consume this thrice daily. This helps to provide relief from symptoms like abdominal cramps, headache, backache, etc. Consumption of Aloe Vera gel added with some amount of cumin also works wonderfully to treat PMS to a great extent.

18. Chicken
Chicken is an abundant source of Vitamin B6. This nutrient usually gets depleted from the body of women suffering from PMS. Vitamin B6 helps to provide relief from depression and works to enhance mood and raises the serotonin level in the body. Some other sources of Vitamin B6 are milk, fish, whole grains, brown rice, beans, soybeans, green leafy vegetables and walnuts.

19. Sesame Seeds
Omega 6 fatty acids take a dip during PMS. Consumption of sesame seeds, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds are highly beneficial during the week before your periods. These seeds are rich sources of Omega-6 fatty acids, which help to control the various symptoms of menstruation effectively.

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20. Cherries
Cherries are effective home remedies to get relief from the various symptoms of PMS. These symptoms include mood swings, bloating, etc. Start consuming ten cherries daily on an empty stomach for one whole week prior to the beginning of the menstrual flow.

21. Turkey
Turkey meat contains an amino acid, tryptophan, which gets converted into serotonin and plays an important role in tackling the various conditions of PMS. Cottage cheese is yet another wonderful source of tryptophan.

22. Pasta
Lack of magnesium can give rise to muscle cramps and abdominal pain. Pasta contains magnesium, which is essential for maintaining the hormonal balance of the body. Other food products rich in magnesium are potatoes, cereals, and green vegetables. Consumption of these magnesium-rich food items can help to fight away the symptoms of PMS to a huge extent.

23. Use Ice
If you are suffering from extreme stress and tension, a cool drink may tend to be extremely relaxing. You can also wrap some amount of ice in a kitchen towel and use it as a cold compress on the muscles and for headaches, if any, during PMS. This serves to be a wonderful home remedy to get relief from the pain that comes with PMS.

24. Kitchen Towel
Soak a towel in water and place it in the microwave for one minute till it gets warm. Moist heat is extremely soothing. So, apply this kitchen towel on the belly to get a soothing effect in case you are suffering from ovarian or abdominal pains. But be careful that you don’t end up burning yourself!

25. Talk About it
Dealing with family members, especially during this phase of the month, acts as the biggest source of stress for women suffering from PMS. It is always advised to talk about this phase openly with your family members and try to explain your situation to them. This will not only help to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings but also helps to maintain peace and harmony in your home. This will eventually help to avoid unnecessary sources of tension, stress and depression.

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