How Successful People Start Their Mornings

Get an early start.- This extra time will help you avoid speeding tickets, tardiness and other unnecessary headaches.
Review your Focus list.- What is your number one goal right now? What’s most important to you? What makes you happy? Design your time around these things.You can’t work 25/8.
Review your TO-DON’T list.- A ‘TO-DON’T list’ is a list of things not to do. It might seem amusing, but it’s an incredibly useful tool for keeping track of unproductive habits, like checking Facebook and Twitter, randomly browsing news websites, etc. Create one and post it up in your workspace where you can see it.

Exercise.- Other than the obvious health benefits, movement increases brain function and decreases stress levels. Developing a consistent habit of exercising is a discipline which will carry over into your business day –If you can, go outside for a walk, or jump on the treadmill and start out slow. This will jump-start your metabolism and your day.
Eat a healthy breakfast.- Your brain and body speed are a function of what you intake. Bagels, muffins and sugars have the tendency to slow you down. Fruits, proteins and grains help provide a consistent stream of energy without the sudden drop-off.

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Kiss your partner goodbye.- It sounds cheesy, but most truly successful people have a great home life. Acknowledging your partner (and kids) mentally relaxes you, allowing you to focus on the day ahead. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re striving to be successful so they may benefit as well.
Practice 15 minutes of positive visualization. -Spend roughly 15 minutes thinking of everything you’re grateful for: in yourself, among your family and friends, in your career, and the like. After that, visualize everything you want in your life as if you had it today.

Put first things first. -Successful people recognize that not all hours are created equal, and they strategically account for this when planning their day. For most of us, our minds operate at peak performance in the morning hours when we’re well rested. So obviously it would be foolish to use this time for a trivial task like reading emails. These peak performance hours should be 100% dedicated to working on the tasks that bring you closer to your goals.
Eat that frog.-  In others words, get the tough stuff done first.
Connect with the right people. -Relationships are the basis of business – communication is the basis of relationships. Successful people associate with people who are likeminded, focused, and supportive. These people create energy when they enter the room, versus those who create energy when they leave. Connecting with these positive people in the morning can set you up for a positive day.

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