There are countless things we can do to create peace of mind, both in response to events in our lives, and proactively, everyday.
1. Take five to ten minutes for a simple seated meditation.
2. Take 100 deep breaths, counting “and one,” “and two,” and so on, with “and” on the inhalations and the numbers on the exhalations.
3. Take a meditative walk, focusing solely on the physical sensations of walking
4. Write down everything that’s weighing you down mentally and then burn it as a form of letting go.
5. Write down everything you’ve learned from a difficult experience so you can see it as something useful and empowering instead of something to stress you out.

6. Tell someone how their actions affected you instead of holding it in and building resentment.
7. Call someone you’ve denied forgiveness and tell them you forgive them.
8. Apologize for a mistake instead of rehashing it, and then choose to forgive yourself.
9. Engage in a little art therapy; grab some crayons, markers, or paint and put all your feelings on the page.
10. Take a walk with the sole intention of photographing beautiful things that make you feel at peace, like a tree with colorful autumn leaves.

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11. Get up and dance to your favorite song, focusing solely on the music and the movement. Get into your body and get out of your head!
12. Take a long walk on the beach, focusing on the feel of the sand between your toes and the sound of the crashing waves. Cliché, but highly effective!
13. Go for a bike ride in a scenic part of town, and immerse yourself in the calm of your environment.
14. Take five to ten minutes for stretching, syncing your breath with the movements
15. Muster compassion for someone who hurt you, instead of wallowing in bitterness, which will make it easier to forgive them and set yourself free.

16. Set aside some time to actively enjoy the good things about the present instead of scheming to create a better future.
17. Focus on what you appreciate about the people in your life instead of wishing they would change
18. Recognize if you’re judging yourself in your head with phrases like “I should have” or “I shouldn’t have.” Replace those thoughts with, “I do the best I can, my best is good enough, and I’m learning and growing every day.”
19. Start reading that book you bought about dealing with the challenge you’ve been facing.
20. Schedule a date with yourself, a time when you don’t need to meet anyone else’s requests, and do something that feeds your mind and spirit. Go to a museum or take yourself to your favorite restaurant and simply enjoy your own company.

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21. Sit in nature—under a tree, on a mountain—and let yourself simply be.
22. Be your own best friend. Tell yourself what’s on your mind, and then give yourself the advice you’d give a good friend who had the same issue.
23. Repeat some positive affirmations that help you feel present, peaceful, and empowered.
24. Tell the truth in your relationships. When we hold in our true feelings, we create stress for ourselves. Be kind but honest and share what you really feel.
25. Catch critical, blaming, or self-victimizing thoughts. Instead of ruminating on what someone else did wrong, express yourself and ask yourself what you can do to create the change you’re seeking.
26. Have fun with someone you love. Forget about everything that feels like a problem and do something silly and childlike.
27. Volunteer your time to help a charity you believe in. Put all your energy into helping someone else, and you will inadvertently help yourself.
28. Do something kind for someone else without expecting anything in return. If they ask what they can do for you, tell them to pay it forward.

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