If You Sleep With Your Pet, Your Health and Your Family’s Health Might Be In Danger!

This is especially important for the people that suffer from weak immunity or they have small children, because it is difficult for them to fight against the microorganisms found in their loved animals.
We all know that animals carry parasites that can cause serious diseases. This is why the pet owners must notice the symptoms and disease in early stages and of course to take proper care to heal it.

Recently there were a lot of reports and surveys that confirmed the fact that about 55 % of dog owners and 60 % of cat owners in the U.S. let their pets sleep in their beds on a daily basis.
This trend is not just happening in America, but is also present in Australia, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands and Germany. Actually, it is followed worldwide.
It is not pets’ fault if they have parasites, but it is the owner’s responsibility to take care of the animal health and to know all the possible risks if their pets sleep in the same bed.

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There are many consequences that can happen as a result of this every day practice, for the owners and their families.
Sleeping with and “kissing” your animals on their little pet lips puts you at risk for some serious medical problems — even when those pusses and pooches are seemingly healthy.

So, obviously scrub up with soap and running water if you’ve handled feces, and do it again if you’ve handled your pet and plan on preparing food. Wash bites and scratches immediately and cover sandboxes when not in use. Try and keep your animals from drinking from toilet bowls or eating feces. And be good to your pets, by keeping outdoor areas feces-free and kitty’s litter box clean.
If you have a pet, or your friends or family are pet owners, share this article and talk about potential dangers that unfortunately can happen.

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