Some Effective Ways To Lower A Fever In 5 Minutes

We all know how tough is when your kid is ill. We want to call a doctor right away. When the issue is fever, and your little one is healthy, you shouldn’t worry. On the other side if a fever lasts more than a day, you need to take your child to a pediatrician.

Fever usually occurs when a child’s body is fighting with some kind of infection. These are few steps you should try, before you reach for medications.
All these methods are proven, and were used by our grandmothers to lower a fever.

The Methods are:
Grated Potatoes
First wash the potatoes. Then peel them and grate. Put them in the child’s socks.

Brandy and Water
Take a small cup of brandy and dilute it with the same amount of water. Take a piece of gauze, soak in it, and that way, put it in your child socks.

Cool, Damp Washcloth
We all know this method. On your child forehead place a cool, damp washcloth.

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Lukewarm Bath
The lukewarm tub bath is very important. Many people think that they should give their child a cold shower. But that way you’ll increase the child’s body temperature.

This method is opposite from the previous. You should give to your child a lot of fluids and cold food. That way the body will cool down from the inside out.

Lose the clothes
Do not put a lot of clothes on your kid. The body needs to breed through the skin, and if you remove a few layers of clothes the temperature will go down.

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