Start Over… It’s Never Too Late

Day in and day out, you just don’t feel happy. Unfortunately many people just live with their unhappiness. It’s often the easiest route of least resistance to blame others, or your life conditions, or the weather, or the politicians, or the tax code, or your public school teacher who didn’t encourage or engage you enough. The problems you may have or could have are probably endless. Your unhappiness is real.

Life is about change. The seasons change, human bodies change over time, conditions and situations change–nothing in nature stays in stasis. You are meant to evolve and change. In fact, young people just starting their careers even expect to change.
You can do the same with something that is important to you. The problem is that many people don’t know what they need to do to change. Their unhappiness has become so embedded that they don’t recognize what might shift them to a happier place. If you are in need of a shakeup and want to shift something important in your life, there is no time like the present to do so!

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First, identify the source of your unhappiness. Pick one thing to start with and focus on it. Find something that makes you upset and unhappy and identify what it is.
Figure out the contrast–what would make you happy? Be sure to define your success outcome clearly and specifically. The more qualitative and quantitative you can be, the clearer your happiness target becomes.

Identify what’s in your way. Isolate the things you can control and can influence. There are always things you can do, but you may waste a lot of time on the things out of your control. Focus only on those things that you can change, and can create a plan around. Learn more here about why you can always find a way to change.
Be clear about your own strengths and weaknesses. Maybe your people-pleasing ways have kept you stuck without time to exercise. Identify and choose to do something to overcome your own personal difficulties.

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