6 Surprising Facts About Your Ego

1. You have an Ego Just like you have a car and a house, you also have an ego. And just as you are not your car and you are not your house, you are also not your ego. This is a simple but crucial insight. Many can go through their entire life and not […]

INCREASE Your Dopamine Levels to Never Feel Sad, Stressed or Depressed Again

Given that dopamine is crucial for our happiness and well-being, the fact that low levels of this neurotransmitter can lead to sadness, depression, negativity and many other emotional troubles doesn’t come as a surprise. Luckily, there are 10 easy and all- natural ways to increase our dopamine levels without using medications. 1. Don’t Get Addicted […]


There are countless things we can do to create peace of mind, both in response to events in our lives, and proactively, everyday. 1. Take five to ten minutes for a simple seated meditation. 2. Take 100 deep breaths, counting “and one,” “and two,” and so on, with “and” on the inhalations and the numbers […]

Write worth Life Story

When writing the story of your life, don’t let someone else hold the pen. Find a passion that makes you come alive. – Each new day is a blank page in the story of your life. The secret is in turning that blank page into the best chapter you possibly can. Don’t ask what the […]

Twelve destructive thoughts to flush out of your mind.

“My past is indicative of my future.” – Do not judge failed attempts and mistakes as an indication of your future potential, but as part of the growth process. Something does not have to end well for it to have been one of the most valuable experiences of a lifetime. When times get tough, take […]

Habits of Couples in Strong Relationships

For any relationship to grow strong and stay strong, you need to put in some work. Below are some habits that will help create and maintain a happy and healthy twosome. Communication Communication is key. It is one of the most important qualities a healthy relationship. However, not everyone knows how to communicate properly … […]

Do you want to Boost Your ‘Happy Hormones’

Even if your natural tendency is to be more down than up, you can make choices that will help you experience a brighter, happier life. Hormones and neurotransmitters moderate our feelings of well-being, and lifestyle factors affect them. Here are five of the main hormones and neurotransmitters, plus ways to boost them. However, if you […]