Mixture of 3 ingredients to fall asleep

  At this point, most of us as pretty much aware of the fact that getting a good night’s sleep is of utmost importance. It plays a critical role in proper health and well-being, and is shown to protect against both mental and physical problems. This is the reason why sleep deprivation has been associated […]

6 Amazing Ways to Heal Cracked Feet

1. Honey for Cracked Feet 1st Way to Use Honey for Cracked Feet- Honey Soak Get this: • Warm water- ½ bucket • Honey- 1 cup Do this: • Take the warm water in a foot basin. • Add honey to this and mix well. • Soak your feet in this water for about 20-30 […]


Honey is great for hair and skin, as well as for general health. He has a magical flavor and is popular with everyone, children and adults. However, due to the expensive prices in the market there is a honey that is not organic, containing chemicals in it. It has been proven that 76% of honey […]