Your Erections As You Age…20’s… and Beyond

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not inevitable, with each passing decade, there is an increasing prevalence of it. Present in some form in 40% of men by age 40 years, for each decade thereafter an additional 10% join the ED club. All aspects of sexuality decline, although libido (sexual interest and drive) suffers the least depreciation, […]

When They’re Not Interested In You

1. She doesn’t kiss you when there is an opportunity to kiss. For instance, you move in for a kiss and she turns her head so you end up kissing her cheek. 2. She declines your offer to walk her home, walk her to her car, etc. She wants to avoid the awkward moment of […]

WHEN your man still thinks about his ex

• 1. He double taps that picture Why would he still follow her on social media if he wasn’t still thinking about her? It’s an even bigger red flag if he’s commenting and liking the pictures she is posting. If the relationship was really over, there wouldn’t be any need to keep up with what’s […]

When You Meet Women In Bars And Clubs

1. Don’t Assume Bars are generally considered acceptable places for single people to go to meet and hook up with each other, but that’s not the only reason people go to bars, so it’s important not to be presumptuous about other people’s reasons for being there. Not every women in a bar will be looking […]

Wise Women Don’t Demand From Their Partners…

Never ask your man to give up his job or his hobby in order to spend more time with you. An intelligent woman knows that this will make him unhappy, for his life (like everyone else’s) is made up of a multitude of smaller elements — it’s more than just his love for you. It […]