1. Sit for just two minutes. This will seem ridiculously easy, to just meditate for two minutes. That’s perfect. Start with just two minutes a day for a week. If that goes well, increase by another two minutes and do that for a week. If all goes well, by increasing just a little at […]

7 Morning Rituals That Will Change Your Life

1. Tea meditation To do tea meditation, you simply need to do every part of the tea making and tea drinking process with mindfulness. Take your time making your tea with mindfulness- heat up your water, get your cup out, pour the water, and sift the tea. Then, take your tea and sit down in […]

Reasons to Start Meditating

Here are reasons you might want to get on the bandwagon today: It Boosts Your HEALTH 1 – Increases immune function 2 – Decreases Pain 3 – Decreases Inflammation at the Cellular Level It Boosts Your HAPPINESS 4 – Increases Positive Emotion 5 – Decreases Depression 6 – Decreases Anxiety 7 – Decreases Stress It […]

5 Different Ways to Meditate

The first stage of meditation is to concentrate on a specific object or establish a point of focus, with the eyes either opened or closed. Silently repeating a word or phrase, audibly reciting a prayer or chant, visualizing an image such as a deity, or focusing on an object such as a lighted candle in […]