Challenge with fear,don’t be afraid

  Everything you want is on the other side of fear. The key is to acknowledge your fear and directly address it. You must step right up and confront it face to face. 1. Fear of being different…Don’t be fooled by what others say, especially when they try to tell you what is right for you. Listen […]

Start ignoring these to avoid stress

Don’t let your mind stir up and put up with unnecessary drama. Do your best, take small steps forward, keep things in perspective, and ignore the following… 1. Blatant negativity.Keep calm and think positively. Evolve your being and inspire yourself and others. It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your […]

Popular Ways to Waste a Nice Day

  Nothing is permanent. When you understand this, you can do almost anything you wish because you’re not trying to hold onto anything anymore…except the present moment. We waste beautiful days fighting against where we are. – Trust the journey, even when you do not understand it. Sometimes what you never expected turns out to […]

Do you like to Be Irresistibly Attractive

Invest love into your life. Because when you love life, life will love you back. Be true to your values. Be honest. Do your best. Do things that bring you closer to your dreams. Take care of yourself, your family, and your friends. Treat people with respect. Be the person that makes others feel special. […]

We Often Forget these rules

You are the only person responsible for your success. The best part of your life will start on the day you decide your life is your own – no one to lean on, rely on, or blame. You are in full control of your future. Believe with all your heart that you will do what […]


Likeability is tied deeply into some of your most stubborn, long-standing habits and behaviors. As with conquering any major personal change, it takes time and practice. 1. Be Attentive to Others and Never Stop Listening – Self-centered people are usually unlikable. When you’re involved in a conversation, it’s important to focus more on the other […]