Mixture of 3 ingredients to fall asleep

  At this point, most of us as pretty much aware of the fact that getting a good night’s sleep is of utmost importance. It plays a critical role in proper health and well-being, and is shown to protect against both mental and physical problems. This is the reason why sleep deprivation has been associated […]

5 Plants you should have in your bedroom to produce a better night’s sleep

  Lavender Lavender is famous for its ability to reduce anxiety, soothe your senses and induce sleep. The scent of lavender slows down your heart rate and lowers stress levels. The smell increases light sleep and decreases rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep allowing you to become fully awake quicker—making this plant perfect for napping. Another benefit of […]

Mindfulness meditation can help to fall asleep

Trying to sleep only results in greater difficulty falling asleep and when this becomes a nightly pattern, contributes to insomnia. Insomnia consists of difficulty falling and staying asleep and results in daytime symptoms such as low mood, irritability and poor memory. The harder we try to sleep, the more distant sleep seems to become. Insomnia […]

HOW to wake up easier in the morning

• Waking up in the morning is a daily struggle. I press “snooze” every five minutes, sleep through fifty alarms and end up late to everything. These seven things helped me to take charge of my morning: • 1. Go to sleep earlier It sounds so simple, but it actually works. Going to bed a […]

When SOMEONE Talk In Sleep

Sleep talking is typically easier to understand when someone is in the early stages of sleep (stages 1 and 2). In later parts of the sleep cycle (stages 3 and 4), sleep talking is usually more moans and groans. What freaks people out the most about sleep talking: People typically don’t remember doing it when […]