Things that You Can Do Today to Transform Your Career

We should be focusing on smaller activities that can have a major impact. 1. Seek Out a Mentor There’s no need to reinvent the wheels when it comes to having a successful career. No matter what industry or dream you have, it’s very likely that someone has already achieved what you want. They’ve made mistakes […]

WHAT You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

1. “So, tell me what you do around here.” Rule #1 of interviewing: Do your research. You never want to walk into an interview knowing next to nothing about the position or company—you want to show that you’re excited enough that you’ve done some homework and thought about how you’d fit in. 2. “Ugh, my […]

Five ways to deal with difficult people at work

How to keep your cool in frustrating situations? Here are five good ways to deal with difficult people in your life. Take a Deep Breath Counting to 10 before speaking is a proven way to keep your cool when faced with annoying behavior. When you feel hurt, angry or otherwise threatened, your nervous system gears […]