The Best Home Remedies To Treat Tailbone Pain


Some of the symptoms include:
• The tailbone area is quite tender, and the pain is quite severe.
• Sometimes, a bruise may be visible in the tailbone area.
• The pain progressively gets worse when you sit down for long or apply direct stress to the tailbone area.
• Passing stools and straining are quite painful.
• You may experience sharp pain during sexual intercourse (4).

How To Prevent Tailbone Injuries
Some sure shot ways to prevent tailbone pain include:
• Wearing appropriate protective gear while taking part in physical sports.
• Being careful about the environment. As falling on your tailbone is the most common cause of injury, you should be extra cautious about water spills and slipping on slick ice.
Now that we know what causes tailbone pain, how do we alleviate it using simple everyday products? Read on to know how.

Home Remedies For Tailbone Pain
There are many ways to alleviate and even cure tailbone pain. The best tailbone pain remedies include:
1. Heat Or Ice Pack
2. Massage
3. Vitamins
4. Castor Oil
5. Epsom Salt Bath
Get Relief From Tailbone Pain With These Remedies

1. Heat Or Ice Pack For Tailbone Pain
You Will Need
Hot water bottle or an ice pack
What You Have To Do
Place either a hot water bottle or an ice pack on the affected area for about 20 minutes.
How Often You Should Do This
You can use it as often as four times in a day.
Why This Works
This is one of the most commonly used remedies for tailbone pain relief.
Many studies have shown that applying heat or cold to the affected area can help reduce tailbone pain. It reduces inflammation and promotes healing as well (5). You can also use a heating pad or take a hot bath to achieve similar results.

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2. Massage For Tailbone Pain
You Will Need
Massage oil
What You Have To Do
Massage the affected area for 10-15 minutes by applying gentle pressure using any massage oil or carrier oil.
How Often You Should Do This
Repeat this twice a day for relief from tailbone pain.
Why This Works
The levator ani muscle is located near the pelvic floor, right beside the tailbone. According to a study, massaging this muscle can alleviate tailbone pain and other symptoms (6). You can get rid of chronic tailbone pain easily by using this remedy for a few days.

3. Vitamins For Tailbone Pain

Tailbone pain is often associated with a deficiency in vitamins D, B6, and B12. Vitamin D is essential for maintaining a healthy skeleton, and its deficiency can lead to painful bone conditions. It works in combination with calcium to support the skeleton and sustain its health (7). B vitamins play a protective role in bone health (8). Consuming adequate amount of these vitamins will reduce your chances of developing tailbone pain. If you already suffer from the pain, get enough sun exposure and consume seafood, cheese, eggs, whole cereals, soya, green leafy vegetables, green peas, chicken, legumes, etc.
However, if you suspect a deficiency, consult your physician and get your vitamin levels tested.

4. Castor Oil For Tailbone Pain
You Will Need
• A few drops of castor oil
• Bandage
What You Have To Do
1. Heat the castor oil slightly and apply this warm oil on the lower back and tailbone area.
2. Cover with a bandage.
This is best done before going to bed.
How Often You Should Do This
Repeat this every night until the lower back pain and tailbone pain vanish.
Why This Works
This is one of the best remedies for tailbone pain treatment. The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil will enable quick recovery. It is also a good remedy to treat pain caused due to infection as it is an antimicrobial agent (9).

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5. Epsom Salt Bath For Tailbone Pain
You Will Need
• 2 cups Epsom salt
• A bathtub
• Warm water
What You Have To Do
1. Draw a bath and add Epsom salt to the warm water.
2. Stir well so that the salt is mixed evenly.
3. Soak your body in this water for 10-15 minutes.
How Often You Should Do This
Do this once or twice during the day.
Why This Works
Warm water baths containing Epsom salt are very relaxing for the body. They reduce the stress on the back muscles and alleviate the pain. Epsom salt is also a good detoxifying agent for the body (10).

Tailbone pain can disrupt your daily routine. Using these remedies will help to ease the comfort and alleviate the pain. Let us now take a look at some frequently asked questions.
Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions
Tips For Tailbone Pain
Get rid of pain in the tailbone and also prevent it by following these tips:
a. Correct Your Posture
Sometimes, a bad posture can lead to coccydynia (the scientific term for tailbone pain). Thus, to alleviate tailbone pain and also lessen the chances of encountering it, you need to correct your posture. Try sitting upright, which engages your core. Keep your back arched slightly and the neck straight. If you feel a sharp jolt of pain, you may want to lean a bit further forward and arch the back before you get up.
b. Sit On Specific Cushions
Some special cushions have sections cut out for people who suffer from tailbone pain. These cushions make for a comfortable seat and ensure that you keep your tailbone safe. Donut-shaped cushions hardly provide any relief as they help relieve pressure from the groin as opposed to the tailbone. Use the pillow your doctor recommends.
c. Don’t Strain
Doctors and nutritionists generally recommend that you ingest a lot of fiber and roughage to smoothen the passing of stool and soften it. Straining during bowel movements will only complicate the problem.
d. Avoid Sex
The pelvic muscles are connected to the tailbone, and any movement will lead to tailbone pain. Avoid pain-inducing activities like having sex.
e. Professional Massage
Masseurs and chiropractors can help ease tailbone pains. Tell your masseur about the pain and your condition so that he/she knows what specific area to concentrate on and massage.
How To Relieve Tailbone Pain While Sleeping?
Sleeping on the stomach or the side is a good way of alleviating tailbone pain. Try lying down as it doesn’t apply direct pressure to the tailbone.

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When Should You See Your Doctor?
If you suffer from severe tailbone pain that is being adamant and disrupting your daily schedule completely, please consult your doctor immediately.

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