This Tea Was The Most Powerful Remedy in Ancient Times!!!!!

Oleuropein is the most active constituent in olive leaves for which binds the therapeutic effect.
Further more, the olive oil leaf improves health status in a number of diseases which are caused by microbes. These diseases are: influenza, meningitis, hepatitis B, pneumonia, gonorrhea, herpes…

It also helps in the surgical and infections of the urinary tract. Olive leaf prevents infections caused by the action of fungi. The use of olive leaf tea can help in many diseases such as: pneumonia, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, influenza, meningitis, hepatitis B, chronic fatigue, atherosclerosis, botulism, malaria, peptic stomach, diphtheria, urinary tract infections and encephalitis. The consumption of olive leaves helps to restore the entire immune system and it is used for increasing energy levels in battered body, for example after chemotherapy.

The leaves are very therapeutic because they have antiviral, antiparasitic, antibacterial and antifungal activity through which it is possible to completely heal and recover from a large number of diseases.

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The recipe for tea:
For a cup of tea from 2-3 dl you should use 15-20 dried olive leaves. Put the leaves in boiled water and cook them for 2-3minutes. Leave the leaves to settle in the water for 10 minutes and remove them. You can drink the tea cold or hot, with honey, lemon or without anything. You need to drink the tea each day if you want to recover from a particular disease.
If you want to prevent yourself of getting some of the diseases mentioned above, then you should take this tea. The best period to harvest the olive leaves is in spring when the leaves are still young, then they should be washed and dried in the air. They should be kept in a closed container protected from sunlight.

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