What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?

Scientists from Orebro University in Sweden analyzed 428 subjects to see if the individualities are related to the irises in the eye. They find out that the eye color is modified by the same genes that actually form the frontal lobes. These results show a connection between the behaviors of people with similar irises.

Black Eye
Black eyes are actually very rare. What people call black eyes in reality are dark brown.
People with black eyes are born to be leaders. They are optimistic, active, passionate and hardworking. They know their worth, but sometimes show mistrust. These people have the capacity to rule the world.

Brown Eye
Brown eyes are the most common in the world. People who have brown eyes appear confident and look very attractive. They always have a positive approach to living.
They are loyal, polite, and independent, they like to make new friends and they are always ready to try new things.

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Hazel Eye
Hazel color is a beautiful mixture of green and brown.
These people are confident, spontaneous, but mysterious at the same time. They can be fun loving, but their weakness is their temper.

Grey Eye
Like everything in life shades of grey comes in eye color too. These people are born leaders. They are wise, gentle to all and strong. They are very creative and the least aggressive people.

Green Eye
If you look into green eyes, you can get lost inside them just in seconds. These people are attractive, curious and intelligent. Their weakness is their jealousy.

Blue Eye
Blue is the sign of a life full of joy. People with blue eyes are competitive and often egoistic. The most enchanting character in these people is the fact they are very intent on observing things.

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