WHY You Should Smile More

What can smiling do for you:
1. Smiling makes you happier.
Frowning induces greater negative feelings, while smiling reinforces feelings of happiness.
2. Smiling people are perceived as more likeable.
When people see a real smile, they see the person smiling as more friendly.

3. People who smile are also perceived as being more competent.
Several different studies, including the one above, have suggested that when people smile, they’re seen as more competent. Customers are more satisfied with employees who smile, while people who smile (with teeth) in their profile photo on social media are perceived by others as more competent than those who are laughing or not smiling at all. It’s unclear why this is, but it may be related to likeability; when you perceive a person as friendlier and more likeable, positive feelings are created, leading to a greater feeling of satisfaction with the person who is smiling at you.

4. The more you smile, the more you counteract your brain’s tendency to be negative.
The more you smile, “the more effective you are at breaking the brain’s natural tendency to think negatively.”
5. Smiling aids concentration.
Smiling has been shown to aid people’s concentration by making them feel good, which leads to better focus.
6. Smiling gives you better holistic perception.
More holistic thinking was seen more often in people who smiled often than in people who rarely or never smiled. As the researchers wrote, “smile to see the forest,” because it appears that non-smilers can only see the trees.

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7. Even a fake smile is a good thing.
Apparently, even a fake smile can reduce stress and have a positive effect on your mood; smiles actually change your brain activity and give you all the previously mentioned benefits of feeling happy and less anxious, even the smile is totally fake.
8. People who smile are considered more trustworthy.
People are more likely to trust someone who’s smiling, perhaps because, as the study mentions, smiling is usually perceived as a sign of cooperation. So the next time you want to make a good impression or get someone to trust you, just try smiling. You don’t even have to be sincere… although if you spend enough time smiling, maybe you will be.
9. Smiles are contagious.
It sounds corny, but it’s true; smiles are contagious. So if you smile at someone, they’ll most likely smile, too, and all the positive effects of smiling will be transferred to them.

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